Why Cricket Protein Should Become Your Priority

 We take a lot of the 'status quo' for granted.

Why is Italy known for its tomatoes? Tomatoes originated from the Andes (in South America).

Why do pizzas come in square boxes? Pizzas are round.

And why is it considered weird to eat crickets? A ubiquitous, nutrient-dense source of protein that can help solve the global water crisis, world hunger, and the degradation of the ozone??

We have been told to believe that the only source of protein must come from domesticated animals, such as cows, pigs, chickens, and lamb. Anything out of the ordinary must be rejected, making the idea of eating insects seem almost criminal. 

melodramatic reaction to eating crickets

"Ew crickets! That's gross...for some reason..."

Insects, however, are a vital food source—and crickets, even more so. Many people assume that eating crickets simply means popping the bugs fresh from bedrocks and wood.

They go through farming—similar to cows and chickens—that ensures that they come out as high-quality products. 

Weighed per ounce, crickets contain 2-3x the amount of protein we get from beef. It also comes with all the essential amino acids needed by the body, topped with iron, magnesium, and other crucial nutrients. 

To help you understand why switching to a cricket diet should be done, here’s a quick guide for you:

Why should I start eating crickets?

As previously mentioned, crickets are highly nutritious, packed with healthy amino acids and low fats that support the human body. Eating insects as a food source is also common in various corners of the world, deemed as a healthy part of a well-balanced diet. 

Plus, you can make em' taste great!

cricket protein delicious

Crickets can be delicious!

The benefits of cricket protein far outweigh the benefits provided by beef and pork protein.

By choosing crickets, you let go of the risk of consuming too much fat, and far less iron and calcium. They also support your gut flora, allowing you to build better immunity and digestion.

You’ll also be able to practice sustainability, especially since every part of the cricket can be eaten. #zerowaste

This is far from the reality of consuming pork, beef, and chicken, where significant amounts of the animal are thrown away as waste.

More importantly, crickets can also be farmed with only a fraction of the resources traditional livestock demands. All in all, crickets are the intelligent and responsible choice of diet—now and in the future.

cricket protein is sustainable

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How do I start eating crickets?

The benefits are undeniable, but the prospect of consuming crickets may still seem daunting.

Whole, roasted or seasoned crickets are served in a variety of restaurants. Crickets can be used as the main ingredient for tacos and guacamole, pizza, pasta, etc. 

Crickets can also be eaten like potato chips, cooked as crispy as possible.

For a more convenient option, crickets come in the form of cricket flour. Which is pure cricket powder.

We use cricket flour to make our protein powders. This way, you can consume their highly coveted protein without thinking about how their...aesthetic. Making it the perfect bridge to a more sustainable and healthy diet. 

eating crickets with bite chocolate protein powder

Made with cricket flour and fair trade cocoa

A Healthier Life Through More Sustainable Choices 

Crickets can be consumed in a variety of ways, and no matter which kind you choose, eating crickets will be well worth the try. Insect-based cuisine may not seem normal in the Western world, but it’s slowly making an impact—especially considering the amount of nutrition they contain. 

Them: "Hey—why haven't you tried crickets yet?"


eating crickets

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