4 Reasons to Try Eating Crickets at Least Once in Your Life

Don't knock it til' you try it.

Without even trying, eating bugs is something a lot of people are...skeptical...about.

We see it as a last-resort option in survival shows, punishments for odd variety shows, internet challenges, and, of course, food for the lower class on Snowpiercer.

typical reaction to eating cricket

Typical skepticism we see about eating crickets

But, in many parts of the world, it's totally normal. Edible crickets are one of the most popular choices for consumption because of their benefits and versatility.

Here are 4 reasons you should try eating crickets.

eating crickets

Why You Should Try Eating Crickets

  1. Crickets Are a Great Source of Protein

Many survivalists claim that bugs are a good source of protein, and they’re not wrong.

Crickets are 65% protein, and they have all of the essential amino acids.

Additionally, they're high in vitamin B12, calcium, omega 3, and many fatty acids. 

eating crickets is good for building muscles

In need of high quality protein? Try crickets my friend.
  1. Crickets Can Blend in Fine in Food

The most common hesitation when it comes to trying crickets is taste.

It's a big question mark for many.

News flash: they don’t taste horrible. I mean, cricket powder on its own isn't going to blow wind up your skirts—it's a subtle taste. 

Edible crickets are raised on a farm just like other animals. The crickets we use live in cricket "condos".

So, what do crickets taste like? 

Crickets have an astonishingly subtle flavour. Some can describe it as nutty, which is why ground crickets blend in fine with energy bars and snacks. Cricket flour is also used in sauces and baking. 

cricket powder recipes chocolate brownie

Yup—made with crickets.
  1. Cricket Farming Is Substantially More Sustainable Than Animal Farming

Animal farming is a large contributor to the planet’s carbon footprint. More than 38% of land on earth is devoted to the industry, and it will only get bigger with our ever-expanding population.

It takes a ton of resources to raise livestock, making it an unsustainable source of protein.

On the flip side, cricket farming for the same amount of protein and barely dents our ecological footprint. It doesn’t take much land and water to raise crickets. 

However, the takeaway here is not that eating a cricket can solve global warming. Looking for alternative sources of protein such as crickets can help prevent it from getting worse.

snowpiercer cricket protein bars

Crickets are going to save the world.
  1. It's Normal to Eat Crickets in Other Parts of the World

In 80% of the world, such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa, people eat crickets with no hesitation.

They can be prepared deliciously in dishes full of spices and flavours that tie cultures together. Opening your palate to crickets can open your mind to different cultures around the world. 

Don’t let the media, Snowpiercer, or preconceived notions of insects stop you from broadening your knowledge of food. There are some opportunities in life that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Try eating cricket-based products. You might just end up liking it. 

cricket protein is common all over the world

80% of the world eats crickets—why don't you?


You should try crickets at least once before you make any judgments.

Eating crickets might seem like a stretch, but it's harmless and actually comes with a host of benefits. When you take away the negative stigma, it doesn’t seem that bad. Widen your palate and give crickets a try.

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