Here’s Why You Should Add Crickets to Your Diet

Perhaps, you have seen some videos talking about the weirdest foods that some people eat in their countries. Some may look disgusting, while some others seem to be appetizing.

In some countries, insects are usually sold as street foods. Here in Canada, edible crickets are known to be excellent sources of nutrients needed by the body. 

Yes, eating crickets may sound awkward, but they can actually be an essential inclusion in your healthy diet. Still hesitant to try it? The following reasons may convince you.

why choose cricket protein

Crickets are rich in protein

You’ll be amazed to know that crickets are rich in protein.

Every 100 grams of crickets can provide 21 grams of protein. The same protein levels are almost similar to the amount of protein found in beef and milk

The human body needs protein to promote muscle repair, especially for individuals who are aiming to have a lean body mass.

Proteins, along with fats and carbohydrates, help the body to stay stronger and look better. It also aids in controlling cravings and hunger. Eating crickets can provide the body with less saturated fats and more micronutrients and antioxidants.  

cricket protein builds lean muscle

Crickets are a sustainable source of protein

Eating crickets can be an eco-friendly way to stay healthy.

Yes, you read it right. It is more sustainable since crickets require fewer resources to grow, unlike the production of livestock products.

Cricket farming is already popular in various parts of the world. In fact, the largest farm in North America can be found in Ontario.

Crickets are packed with Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 helps keep the nerves and body cells healthy. It also prevents people from acquiring anemia and fatigue.

The good news is you can get Vitamin B12 from eating crickets. Getting an adequate amount of this nutrient can be difficult with a plant-based diet.

But, a serving of cricket powder can provide 190% of the body’s required Vitamin B12 each day.

crickets are a sustainable superfood

Crickets can also give other essential nutrients

Aside from protein and vitamin B12, you can also get other essential nutrients like calcium, antioxidants, fibre, potassium, and iron from eating crickets. That is why endurance athletes consider crickets as a superfood.

Crickets are surprisingly delicious

If you’re looking for yummy and healthy snacks, crickets could be your next favourite! But, if your taste buds may seem not too adventurous, cricket powder can be a great option. You’ll be surprised that it actually tastes good.

It gives a nutty taste that is light and neutral–no need to worry that you’ll spit it out once tasted. You can even add at least two tablespoons of the powder to make your smoothie a healthier morning plunge.

Crickets can be mixed or added to most diets

You do not have to worry about how you can consume crickets. They can be easily added to your regular diet, and since they are free from gluten and soy, they are unlikely to trigger allergies and intolerances.


Eating crickets and other insects are becoming common all over the world. While it may sound strange to other people, adding crickets to your diet can provide nutrients that the body needs. Nowadays, there are various cricket protein products that are available in the market.

Make sure to buy from the stores offering high-quality cricket protein powderand more.

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