By 2030 Everyone Will be Eating Crickets. 

Why crickets though...?

Your mom used to ask you if you would jump off a bridge because "so and so" jumped. Obviously not mom! But if 57 so and sos jumped off it might be a different story...

What do they know that I don't...

If there are 50+ good reasons to do anything then it's worth considering. 

Before reading this list, you might be on the fence about crickets.

After reading this list, you'll be wonder why you haven't been eating crickets for years.  

Let's hop to it! 

(If you're feeling like a lazy daisy, then just read the top 10)

#1 Crickets Taste Good

You should eat cricket products because they are bona fide delicious.

Not only that, cricket-based food suppliers are contending with stigma, so you'll find a ton of extra effort goes into making our products MEGA tasty.

crickets are delicious

#2 Crickets are a Superfood

Crickets come pretty damn close to the perfect food. They will literally put a hop in your step.

Crickets are rich in protein, calcium, iron, omega 3s, vitamin B12, fibre and much more!

You get more bang for your buck eating crickets from a nutritional standpoint than you would from eating a steak, salmon, and spinach sandwich on whole wheat bread drowned in a bowl of milk. Not that anyone would eat that….but you get the idea. 

#3 Global Popularity

80% of the world already eats insects.

That's billions of humans who already practice entomophagy. Fun word hey? ENTOMOPHAGY.

#4 The Most Sustainable Protein Source

Cricket protein is the most sustainable high-quality protein around town!

Most sustainable protein source in the world is cricket protein

#5 Food Security

By 2050, we are going to be joined by almost 3 BILLION ADDITIONAL HUMANS. 

That is a LOT of mouths to feed. Crickets are an obvious solution because they are nutrient-dense, efficient, and sustainable.

#6 World Water Crisis Saviours

By 2030, the global demand for water will exceed sustainable levels by 40%.

Agriculture takes up 70% of the world's freshwater. 1lb of beef protein requires 100X more water than to make 1lb of plant protein, and 2000X more than 1lb of cricket protein. 

#7 You Eat Insects Already

Guess what? Everyone eats bugs everyday.

You personally ate between 1-3 pounds of bugs last year in the jams, vegetables, fruits, etc. you mowed down.  

Has your life changed? No. Eating insects is normal and it is the future. No need to overthink it.

#8 Eating Insects is Majorly Trending

Market research forecasters like Meticulous Research and Barclays forecast the market for edible insects will be $8 billion by 2030. 

Crickets, the kings of edible insects, will be a huge portion of that. All aboard the cricket train! Choo chooo 

Cricket protein is trending

#9 Bioavailability

Bioavailability is wildly underrated. You read a package and see 20g of protein, but is your body even absorbing half of that? 

The protein efficiency ratio—a combination of digestibility and amino acid bioavailability—of crickets is among the best. 

Even outperforming casein protein

#10 A Way of Helping People Maintain a Plant-based Diet

This might seem like a curve ball. But hear me out:

Depending on your reasons for eating a plant-based diet, you can benefit a HUGELY from eating crickets.

One of the main reasons people stop eating vegetarian diets is because their diets lack iron or B12—which is not a problem when you eat crickets!

#11 Crickets are Naturally High in Protein

Pound for pound, crickets pack 3X more protein than beef. Crickets are over 60% protein, and beef is less than 20%. 

If your goal is gains, why waste your time? 

#12 Complete Amino Acid Profile

Crickets contain all 9 essential amino acids. Making them a COMPLETE PROTEIN source.

You can keep spending $70/month on BCAAs OR you could make the swap to crickets and get them naturally with your protein.

Remember: whole foods >>> supplements!

#13 Digestibility

The macronutrients, minerals, and vitamins in crickets are easily digested by humans, so they are easier on the stomach than other protein sources. Eating crickets may even reduce inflammation

#14 Low in Fat—but the Good Fat

Believe it or not there is such a thing as too much fat, and overeating animal proteins is the quickest way of discovering that fact for yourself.

Crickets are low in fat and some of it is the healthier unsaturated variety

Crickets are more nutrient dense than beef, spinach, milk, salmon

#15 2X More Protein as Beef

Think of the GAINS!!!

#16 2X More Iron as Spinach

Not to mention more readily digestible

#17 1.5X More Calcium as Milk

Your bones will thank you.

#18 10X More B12 than Salmon

40% of North Americans are deficient in B12—don't be one of them. Eat crickets!

#19 5X More Omega 3s than Salmon

That's the GOOD kind of fat btw!

#20 Crickets are Dense in Fibre

Crickets are composed of roughly 20% fibre

#21 Crickets are Good for Gut Health

Studies have shown that a diet rich in crickets can have positive impacts on the gut microbiome

Crickets need less water than beef, chickens and pork. More sustainable. Environmental water crisis.

#22 Crickets Need 2021X Less Water than Beef

#23 Crickets Need 802X Less Water than Pork

#24 Crickets Need 2021X Less Water than Chickens

#25 Crickets Need 20X Less Water than Plant Proteins



Crickets require less land than beef, pork, chickens

#26 Crickets Need 13.3X Less Land Than Beef


#27 Crickets Need 3.3X Less Land Than Pork


#28 Crickets Need 3X Less Land Than Chickens


Crickets require less feed than beef, chickens, and pork. More sustainable food source protein.

#29 Crickets Need 5.8X Less Feed Than Beef


#30 Crickets Need 2.9X Less Feed Than Pork


#31 Crickets Need 1.5X  Less Feed Than Chickens

Crickets emit less greenhouse gases than beef, chicken, pork. More sustainable.


#32 Crickets Emit 2850X Less Greenhouse Gases than Beef


#33 Crickets Emit 1130X Less Greenhouse Gases than Pork


#34 Crickets Emit 300X Less Greenhouse Gases than Chickens


#35 Way of Addressing Malnutrition

Nutrient dense + efficient food source = viable solution for malnutrition. 

#36 Widely Available

Crickets are prevalent all over the world!

#37 Crickets Mature Within 6-7 Weeks

This means they are quite a lot more efficient to farm than traditional livestock which can take years to mature.

#38 Most Humane Animal Protein

Individual crickets don't need a huge amount of space (unlike cows, pigs, and chickens) and they are harvested towards the end of their lifespan.

#39 Crickets are Clean

Edible crickets are much safer to eat than meat sources. Not only do they carry fewer diseases and infections (that aren't even pathogenic for humans) but they are also much easier to sanitize in the production process. 

The farm we purchase from cleans them in boiling water and bakes them before grinding them down into a powder. 

Crickets are clean and sanitary

#40 You are More Likely to Get Sick from Meat

Meat products are potential breeding grounds for pathogens at every stage of supply until they are cooked (and even then improper handling makes contamination a risk), versus processed crickets are highly sanitary.

#41 Eating Animals is a Huge Contributor to Widespread Illness

Intensive animal production is consistently linked to massive illnesses as a result of zoonotic infection—where a disease leaps from animals to humans. 

It's how we got Bird Flu and Mad Cow Disease. 

#42 Be a Trend Setter

Eating crickets is still on the up and up in North America—get in early and you'll be able to tell all your friends: "I was eating crickets before they served them at Starbucks".

#43 Break Free of Social Biases

The "ick" factor is overwhelmingly the product of social bias. When people eat cricket products they can't tell they are eating bugs. It's only once they know bugs are in the product that they make a big deal.

And even then, once people have tried cricket products they are more likely to realize the whole "ick" thing was just in their head.

#44 Celebrities Eat and Support Eating Insects

Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Selma Hayek already bite down on delicious insects. With notable names such as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Indra Nooyi supporting eating insects as a long term food source for all. 

Angelina Jolie eating crickets edible insects


#45 The UN Endorses the Consumption of Crickets

The United Nations released a 200 page paper on edible insects and food security in 2013 to this point. Fun fact: that paper was a huge catalyst for starting Bite. 

#46 Crickets are Versatile

You can eat them raw (not for everyone), fried and seasoned, as a topper for pizza, or ground into cricket flour and made into virtually anything! Such as energy bars, pizza, chips, pasta, and protein powders ;)

#47 The Best Nutrition for Athletes

Why fiddle around with ten different gels and hard to chew down meal replacement bars? Cricket products are loaded with the right macros, vitamins and minerals to keep you energized your whole workout!

#48 Crickets contain Potassium

Move over bananas! 

Crickets have more potassium than bananas also lots of other minerals

#49 Crickets Contain Lots of Minerals

Zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and copper.

#50 Antioxidants 

Crickets are packed with 5X more antioxidants than a glass of fresh squeezed OJ.

#51 Crickets can be Farmed Anywhere in the World

Holy food security Batman!   

#52 Low in Antinutrients

Antinutrients do exactly what you think they do. Natural or synthetic, they make it more difficult for you to get nutrients out of your food. 

Crickets are very low in antinutrients like phytates, tannins, oxalates, saponins, and cyanogenic glycosides. 

#53 Crickets > Other Insects

The items on this list also apply to other insects as well. Crickets are the undisputed champions of the world when it comes to efficient, sustainable protein—this includes other edible insects.

#54 Crickets are Zero Waste

You waste 0 when you eat crickets. Conversely, humans only eat 40% of a cow. Making it a wasteful food source on top of it being a wasteful food source (from an energy perspective).

crickets are zero waste

#55 Eating Insects Has it's Own Special Word: Entomphagy

You don't get a special label for eating chickens or fish!

#56 They Make a Damn Fine Fertilizer

Even their poop is useful. Their "waste" is collected and sold as a rich fertilizer

#57 Crickets Give you Super Powers

Not much scientific testing has been done on this. In fact, none. Because it's probably not true...

BUT the only way to know for sure is to eat as many crickets as possible and see for yourself!

Crickets give you superpowers