Sydney Koby Founder of Bite Snacks Cricket Protein Company based in British Columbia Canada

Oh hey there internet friend!

I'm Syd, and I'm changing the way the world eats. 

With your help, I am going to pave a path towards a sustainable food system. For people, for the planet (aaaand maybe because saving the world sounded a lot better than engineering to me).

Before we chat Bite, you should get to know me a little better, so I have a game for you:

If you guess which of these statements is a LIE, I will personally send you 3 bars and 2 protein samplers as a reward. FOR FREE.


>> People give me free things because of my tattoo

>> I visited over 100 restaurants in a day

>> I have sported dreadlocks and a mohawk

>> The deepest point in Earth I've been is just over 1000ms

Shoot your guess to sydneykoby at !

Why Bite?

Crickets. I know right?

Not the first thing that "hops" (sorry I can't help myself) to the front of your mind when you think of delicious food.

But guess what? We're Bringing Insects To Everyone because they are a legitimate sustainable superfood.

People are shocked to hear we use crickets in our products, but when you look at how nutritious and eco-friendly crickets are, we're shocked they aren't in more. See our products here.

It all started at local farmers markets, through fair weather and...less fair weather...bringing sustainable protein to thousands of people. 2 years later, Bite is growing up. 

TED Talks Official Snack Partner Bite Snacks Sustainable Cricket Protein Company Vancouver British Columbia

Bite products are now sold in stores across the country.

We started out with three flavours of energy bars, and now we've launched our cricket-based protein powder products to provide a more complete product offering. 

Both the company and myself have been featured in publications like CBC, BCBusiness, and Daily Hive.

We’ve even been an official snack supplier of TED Conferences (TED Talks). 

I'm beyond grateful to see Bite grow to where it is today, but I’m even more grateful for you.

Bite started because I wanted to make a difference for my community and the planet. Your loyalty and support mean the world to me—thank you!

Curious to learn more about why you should eat crickets? Click here!  

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