An Alternative Protein You Don't Want to Sleep on In 2021

Protein is essential for any human’s daily life because it acts as a source of energy and keeps muscles healthy and strong.

cricket protein

Without a good source of protein, muscles lose their strength and vitality, which is problematic if they are deprived of the right nutrients.

Along with carbohydrates and fats, proteins are one of the most important food-based nutrients your body needs. Many people get the full range of nutrients through their meats, vegetables, and other food ingredients. 

However, the issue is when people who are more environmentally-conscious require a source of protein that isn’t from an animal.

Many people today are shifting to vegetarian and vegan diets as a result of the overconsumption of animal products that produce tons of waste and carbon emissions. If you’re one of those people and are struggling to find the best sources of protein that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, you might want to consider cricket protein. 

cricket protein is sustainable

All About Cricket Protein

It may sound unappetizing to eat bugs, but it’s really not what you’d usually expect.

In fact, even the workout buffs are using cricket protein powder products because the product is known to have insane amounts of it. It has three times more content than a sirloin steak and has double that of an entire chicken.

If you can get past the thought of it being a bug product, it really doesn’t have any traces of the crickets once it’s fully processed.

bite snacks cricket protein

The Taste Isn’t Anywhere Near What You’d Expect

Cricket flour has a mild taste that has traces of nutty flavours that are reminiscent of the typical desserts we eat. In fact, many insects actually taste like meats if they’re cooked right, and this is known if you’ve visited other areas of the world.

These products are made in farms that raise domesticated crickets and have processing plants that dry them and roast them to make them taste different. They’re then milled into a flour that is easily used to bake protein bars and edibles, along with being easily mixed into smoothies with fruits and vegetables. 

It’s a Sustainable Food Product that Can Solve the Earth’s Problems

Cricket protein is a product that has practically an unlimited supply of ingredients because these insects reproduce very fast and in large quantities.

If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, you might want to consider cricket protein powder products. With added sugars, oils, and other isolates, they’ll taste even better and practically indistinguishable from a regular protein powder or bar. 

cricket protein is sustainable

Other Benefits of Cricket Protein

Cricket flour is a great product because it is gluten-free, meaning those with allergies can use it and not get any adverse reactions.

It’s got a high protein content and can improve many body vital signs like muscle mass, weight management, better mental health, and a boost in heart and brain functionality. It’s also rich in iron and calcium, meaning you’ll receive energy level boosts and overall health improvements. 


Eating bugs in the western world is often met with negative connotations. People think it’s an uncivilized way to consume and find food, but it’s actually one of the earliest sources of proteins that humans and other mammals consume.

While eating a live cricket isn’t ideal for today’s standards, crickets converted into flour and powders are a great way to enjoy natural food products. Change your diet to an environmentally-friendly one with cricket protein products. 

Bite Snacks is a premium dietary supplement provider that utilizes cricket flour as a sustainable ingredient in protein-rich products. The cricket protein powder products are gaining traction in today’s world because of the incredible environmentally-friendly nature of the supplement. View our website for more information on the new era of food sources and how you might enjoy them. 

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