Cricket Protein Will Replace Whey—Here's Why 👇

Many athletes and fitness-minded individuals swear by whey protein because it satisfies their protein needs. After all, protein is needed to build muscles, improve strength, and more. However, other people have relied on traditional methods such as eating eggs, steaks, and chicken to hit their protein requirements.

While these are all great ways to put protein into the body, others are still searching for the ultimate protein source that's even better than steaks or whey.

Are you still hunting for great protein sources? If so, let us introduce you to cricket protein powder!

If you're on the fence about the product, here are 4 reasons cricket protein powder is your next go-to source of protein: 

1. It's the most sustainable protein on earth

cricket protein is sustainable

One of the best reasons—arguably the best reason—to opt for cricket protein powder is its sustainability profile.

Farming insects requires minimal infrastructure and resources, while animals like cows and pigs require a tremendous amount of resources and a larger, energy intensive infrastructure. 

Cricket farms can be small and compact yet produce tons upon tons of crickets yearly.

The crickets themselves also do not require much in terms of food and water.

So low on inputs and outputs. 

2 . Supports weight loss

cricket flour is a healthy source of lean protein

If you are looking to burn fat, you need to consume quality protein to do so.

For every pound of bodyweight you have, you will need to consume 0.8 g/kg to 1.8 g/kg of protein. You can calculate specifically how much right here.

With cricket powder, you can easily do this without worrying about consuming unnecessary carbs or harmful saturated fats.

3. Source of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is crucial to the body. It helps maintains high energy levels, enables the nervous system perform well, boosts heart health, and even improves your memory.

Unfortunately, Vitamin B12 deficiency is among the leading deficiencies in the world. 

crickets have 5 times more vitamin B12 than salmon

Crickets have 5x more B12 compared to salmon

If you are worried about your Vitamin B12 intake, then get yourself some cricket protein powder. 

4. Facilitates muscle growth

When you purchase protein, you generally have one thing in mind: muscle recovery and growth.

Cricket protein powder has no problem providing these.

Crickets are high in protein and low in carbs—a great combo to provide your body with all the protein it needs without the drawback of gaining fat. Crickets are a complete source of protein, which means they contain all nine essential amino acids. Which makes them not just sustainable, but highly bioavailable. 

cricket protein is a complete protein source


All in all, cricket protein powder, although much newer than many protein products we see today, has taken the world by storm. Its benefits make it the go-to choice for many athletes, bodybuilders, and more looking for the ultimate source of reliable and healthy proteins. 

That being said, if you are looking to purchase cricket protein powder and similar products, buy from reputable manufacturers and providers. This will guarantee that the products you get are safe for consumption and can support your workout goals.

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