$5 Protein Sample Pouch
$5 Protein Sample Pouch
$5 Protein Sample Pouch

$5 Protein Sample Pouch


Are you curious about our protein protein powders, but don't want to commit to a full box or bag just yet?

No worries, we've got you covered.

Grab a single pouch for just $4.97. We'll cover shipping for you. 


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Sustainable Superfood Protein

Our protein powders are a unique blend of plant-based protein sources reinforced with superfood cricket protein. Great for you & amazing for the planet!

Real Food Nutrition

Your fuel and nutrition should have clean, easy to read labels. With understandable, whole food ingredients. 

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What's the Word? 

It goes pretty good in a smoothie, and there's no bloating, or gas (whey drinkers know what I'm talking about...). Give this a go if you're looking for a sustainable protein option that will agree with your body."

Ferguson W. - Chocolate

"I drink it in the mornings and feel really good all morning. Like full and awake. If ur on the fence about this protein then I would recommend just giving it a go to see if you get a similar feeling because it is honewstly amazing."

Sam N. - Vanilla

"I recently tried adding the vanilla protein powder to my morning smoothie and was very happy with the results. Great flavour without the added sugar."

Graeme A. - Vaanilla

"Its smooth and rich, without tasting overly sweet or artificial. Plus it has amazing protein content and vitamins from the crickets and vegetable powders!"

Heather S. - Chocolate

Why Should You Try Our Protein?

✔︎ Organic ingredients
✔︎ Low cholesterol
✔︎ Non-inflammatory
✔︎ 18g of protein
✔︎ 1 serving of vegetables
✔︎ Keto-friendly