What Do Crickets Taste Like?

Have you ever wondered "what do crickets taste like?"

They're probably not like what you imagined!

Crickets have a mild, earthy and nutty taste. They can be used to enhance the flavour profile in a meal, or be prepared as a stand-alone dish. Some have even described them as slightly malty in flavour. 

Crickets have been called the “gateway bug” as they are beginner-friendly for those wanting to try insects for the first time. If you are new to crickets, an easy way to start incorporating them in your diet is with cricket powder. Add cricket powder to your breakfast smoothie or bring an energy bar with cricket powder as a snack in your backpack.

Cricket powder blends well with other natural, earthy ingredients. For an additional punch of protein in baked goods, consider adding some cricket powder in your next batch of banana bread or waffles. The taste of cricket powder is very subtle, but it packs a punch of nutrients.

what do crickets taste like
Cricket-inspired waffles = perfect breakfast


Step up your cooking game with crickets.

If you’ve been around the cricket-eating scene for a while, step up your game by playing with different ways of cooking whole crickets: sauteed, baked, broiled, or even fried in tempura batter.  A common way crickets are served is by being sauteed with chopped scallions, onions, peppers, mushrooms or any vegetables. For baked treats, full crickets can be used to replace nuts in cookies and cakes, and add a delightful crunch. Crickets can be baked or roasted in the oven until they turn golden and crunchy. With a sprinkle of garlic, salt and spices thrown in, roasted crickets can become a salty snack like popcorn or potato chips. In Cambodia, vendors in open markets are often seen selling crickets in raw form or as salty snacks as a local delicacy.

what do crickets taste like
Crunchy, crispy cricket tacos (12 Tomatoes)


what do crickets taste like
Gourmet cricket dish, The Celtic Manor Resort, UK (South Wales Argus)

The flavour of crickets has been taken to a new level as a Michelin-three-star restaurant in San Francisco used crickets to create unique dishes on their menu: private batch caviar with broth made from cricket sauce; live spot prawns grilled with sweet cricket glaze; and sea urchin in a sauce of grilled bread and crickets. Yum!

what do crickets taste like
Fancy cricket treats (Ghada Wali)

What our customers are saying.

Let’s hear what our lovely customers have to say about the taste! One customer, Duncan, admits that he “was worried that the cricket protein would have a weird taste”, but we won him over with the “tasty, peanut buttery goodness” of our Peanut Better bars! Another customer of ours, Makenna, fell in love with the “great earthy flavour” that “wasn’t at all bitter” of our Golden Greens cricket protein powder, which she now relies on as a healthy and sustainable source of protein.

what do crickets taste like
Decadent but healthy chocolate cricket smoothie!


Our brand staple is this collection of well-loved, natural energy bars. Take it a step further and try a cricket protein powder in your next smoothie or batch of muffins. As a customer of ours, Danica W., puts it, “It’s. so. darn. delicious”. We mean it! 😉

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