Fibre in Crickets

You might have heard of crickets being a rich source of protein (if you haven’t, you should definitely check this article out). Did you know that crickets also contain fibre?

Scientists are intrigued: What’s inside crickets?

The nutritional value of crickets has captured the interest of scientists recently for their high percentage of protein, calcium, iron and lower fat. Crickets are also rich in a type of fibre which is different than the type found in common sources such as grains or beans. This special type of fibre, called chitin, is found in the exoskeleton of the crickets.

Cricket in nature (Flickr)

Gut Health

Chitin is a special insoluble fibre found in fungi, mushrooms, yeast cell walls, and shells of crustaceans and insects. Chitin can act as a prebiotic which feeds human gut microbiota (probiotics).  This function is believed to play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of the gut, and improve metabolism and cognitive performance. 

With a balanced amount of prebiotics and probiotics in your gut, good bacteria can help protect you from harmful bacteria and improve your immune system. Normally, prebiotics can be found in raw asparagus, raw onions, whole grains, beans and legumes, while probiotics are in kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, etc.

It has been shown that eating crickets can help improve gut health and reduce systemic inflammation. By consuming a recommended dose of crickets, the presence of a probiotic bacterium can grow by almost 6 times in the gut.


Sources of fibre (Wide Open Eats)

Keto, Paleo or Gluten-Free?

Keto and paleo dieters who refrain from consuming whole grains, legumes and beans often face an issue of satisfying an adequate amount of daily fibre intake. Cricket powder can ensure that those following a keto or paleo diet are getting enough fibre.

Following a gluten-free diet? Your fibre intake may be restricted due to the avoidance of gluten-containing foods like grains. Eating crickets, or adding cricket powder to your diet can help fill your need for gluten-free fibre.

We're recommended to take in 25 to 29 grams of fibre daily. Are you getting enough? Consider adding cricket to your diet to increase your fibre intake, and improve your gut health!

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