All About Eating Crickets

Today, we’re talking about munching on what Westerners find a culinary curiosity: insects. Crickets in particular.

African and Asian cuisines got bit by the love bug since roasted insects like crickets have always been a delectable staple, but what makes insects a must-have for a healthy diet? 

eating crickets

A Gastronomic Adventure That Breaks Cultural Biases and Borders

Eating insects may sound like quite a mouthful. With no room in the kitchens of Western cuisine, only taking up the spotlight as it grows in popularity only for its bizarreness.

For the unsuspecting stomach, eating crickets sounds revolting since it reminds people of creepy crawlies. However, it’s a delicacy in other cultures since the process of turning insects into high-quality snacks is often complex and delicious. 

But What Makes Crickets Such an Addicting Delight? 

Breaking through our own culturally-driven flavour palates is one thing, but there’s good reason to introduce well-seasoned and roasted crickets to your diet.

For one, crickets are loaded with protein as it produces more than you would get in beef or pork. It’s like eating a pound of meat all in one snappy bite of cricket! 

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How Can Cricket Protein Boost Your Health? 

Crickets are also jam-packed with important vitamins, minerals, and macro-nutrients necessary to keep the muscles strong, boost the immune system, and improve one’s overall well-being! Some other benefits crickets can promise include the following:

  • better brain health and higher energy thanks to its high vitamin B12 content; 
  • improved gut health due to the cricket’s prebiotic fibre, excellent probiotic growth, and ability to reduce systemic inflammation; and
  • reduces fatigue since cricket increases iron intake.

They also provide all the nine essential amino acids, allowing the body to enhance its muscle repair and aid the metabolic process, both of which are game-changers for those with active lifestyles.

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Our Take on Exotic Staples: Indulging in Crickets for a Sustainable Diet

Crickets may sound like they won’t leave a pleasant taste in your mouth, but this delicacy is actually a perennial favourite that is known to pack plenty of flavourful punch to anyone who tries it. 

Not only that, crickets are incredibly easy to grow and farm, making these surprisingly lip-smacking critters a sustainable protein source. 

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