Baking with Cricket Powder

If you enjoy baking, how about stepping up your baking game by incorporating cricket powder? 

Cricket powder is a great way to add sustainable protein to your baked goods. Turn your baking creations into nutrient-packed goodies!

What is cricket powder?

Cricket powder is made of 100% whole, ground crickets, which are oven dry-roasted and then milled to a powder. The powder is grainy but soft, and has a dark brown color with a distinctive nutty and earthy smell.

Crickets contain a high level of protein, fibre, iron, and calcium. It is suitable for keto, paleo, and gluten-free eaters. However, as crickets are arthropods, they may cause an allergic reaction in people with shellfish allergies.

cricket protein powder waffles

Pure Cricket Powder consists of whole, ground crickets. Try
adding it to your regular favourites, like these homemade waffles!


How do I bake with it?

Cricket powder is already prepared and ready to use. All you have to do is to substitute ⅛ - ¼  of your regular flour for cricket powder in your recipe. This works particularly well for brownies, cookies, and breads that have a thick, dense texture.

As cricket powder only contains crickets, it's baking properties are different from those of regular baking flour. A higher substitution ratio than ⅛ - ¼ is not recommended, because regular flour is required for the rising process of your baked goods. If too much regular flour is left out of the recipe, your baked goods will not rise as much, and you may not reach your desired texture. Since cricket powder is so nutritionally dense, only a small amount is needed to pack a punch of nutrients in a single serving of your baked goods.

By giving crickets a “disguised” look, it becomes easier to introduce crickets to your diet. (Flourish Farm)

What will the results be like?

Your baked goods will likely become tanned with a light brown colour, and they will develop a slightly more nutty, malty and earthy flavour. With less rising of the flour, baked goods will also become more dense.

For example, cookies with cricket powder become crispy and crunchy, and slightly less of a cakey, light texture than regular cookies. Your treats will have a fresh look and texture alongside with a dash of a tasty, earthy and wholesome protein!


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