5 Creative Ways to Educate About Cricket Protein


Most people in the Western world have never tried eating any kind of bug and just the thought of doing so can leave them squeamish, but anyone who passes up on cricket-based protein is missing out. Crickets are a sustainable, eco friendly, and delicious protein that people in Asia and Africa have been enjoying for hundreds of years. 

The only thing standing between many people and this trending new protein source is misinformation or a simple lack of any information at all. Many people have never heard of cricket-based protein. If you are in love with cricket protein powder or cricket energy bars and want to spread the news to your neighbours and friends, here are five creative ways to do it. 

the answer has always been cricket protein

1. Have a Cricket Bake Sale 

If you are handy in the kitchen and love adding cricket protein powder to your favorite recipes, you could set up a cricket-based bake sale for your community. There are hundreds of recipes online to get you started.

Cricket protein powder tastes great in everything from pancakes to cookies to brownies. You can find cricket protein powders in chocolate or vanilla to add a special something to your favorite sweet bread or biscuit.

You can showoff your cooking skills and introduce hesitant friends or strangers to the idea of cooking with crickets! 

cricket protein cake2. Throw a Cricket-Themed Party 

If you love to throw a good party and have friends who have yet to embrace eating crickets, a cricket-themed party isa great excuse to get them to try something new. 

You can use cricket-based energy bars and cricket-infused smoothies as snacks. You could even bake up your own cupcakes infused with healthy cricket protein powder. Try decorating with cute cricket cutouts, and top your cupcakes with cricket toys or, if you are feeling really creative, fondant-sculpted crickets. 

Make trying cricket-based food fun and exciting! 

cricket protein being eaten by Leonardo DiCaprio3. Wear a Cricket T-Shirt 

If you want to spread the word about eating crickets in a more way, buy a cricket shirt and wear it around town. People are bound to notice and might comment on it or ask you questions, so be ready to explain how healthy and protein rich crickets are, and be sure to mention how much more sustainable farming crickets is when compared to farming cows or pigs. 

4. Organize a Community Fun Run 

You can even get your community in on spreading the word about crickets by organizing a fun run around your town and providing runners with cricket energy bars. Make sure that news goes throughout your community by posting flyers or sending out an online bulletin. 

Cricket energy bars are the perfect recovery food after a long run because they are protein dense, so bring plenty to hand out. 

cricket protein run5. Share Your Snacks 

If you aren't into big flashy parties or if bake sales aren't really your scene, you can still get in on the action by just supporting cricket protein snacks. 

Cricket energy bars are easy to carry and can go with you to the park or be your midday snack at work. They are even great for travel goodies when you are flying or driving. Let people see your interesting and delicious snacks, and you can make eating crickets trendy. 

Wherever you are eating your cricket energy bar, share some with your friends, coworkers, or fellow travellers to get them talking! 

Eating crickets is healthy for you and the planet. If you have already embraced this new kind of snacking, share your experience and make crickets less taboo and more typical. You can find all sorts of cricket-based goodies from us at Bite Snacks.

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