Why Crickets?

Why Bite?

Conventional protein powder looks like a chemistry experiment. Greedy corporations use cheap additives and fillers to engineer protein powder that’s barely fit for humans. It leaves you with bloating and inflammation. We decided that you deserve better so we specialize in real food nutrition using unconventional protein.

Wanna know something cool? Bite cricket protein powder is not only good for your mood, muscles, and gut—it’s GREAT for our planet.

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If you aren't happy with your order, we will refund you. That goes for our cricket protein bars and cricket protein powders.

No questions asked.

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cricket protein bars and cricket protein powders

What's in our stuff?

✔️ only 9 to 12 whole food ingredients

✔️ nothing artificial or genetically modified

✔️ familiar ingredients you can pronounce

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All About Eating Crickets

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